NR5103e loses internet connection once every 24h.

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I live in Sweden and use "Three" (3) as a mobile 5G provider. 
I got the NR5103e mid September and it worked flawless for about a month. In mid October the swedish three support forum said they put out a firmware upgrade. After that the modem disconnects once every 24H. I tried IP passthrough, turned off DHCP. Etc etc. I even got a new modem from them but it is the same. 
Currently awaiting answers from the support but they don't seem to have a solution. 
In the system log on the Zyxel it says:
"APN-1 Disconnected"


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    Can you do a test, Home Networking/Lan Setup/DHCP Server Lease Time.

    Try different values, 8 days and also shorter then 1 day, maybe 2 hours....

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