I have 2 NWA110AX and I am unable to setup mesh network.

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I have followed the guide mentioned in the forums but still, the second AP is not connecting to the first Root AP. Root AP is connected via LAN and I want the second AP to take the network from Root AP wirelessly. Can someone guide me.

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    We suggest following the steps to check in case the smart mesh can’t build up successfully.


    1. Check if setup and configurations are correct.

     - You can enable smart mesh for all APs in the site at: Access point > Configure > AP & port settings > General setting > Enable Smart mesh.

     - Or you can enable smart mesh for per-APs in the site at: Access point > Monitor > Access point > AP information page > Status > Smart mesh > Enabled.

     - Make sure APs are provisioned using wired connection and all APs must show configuration status is "Up to date" before deploying repeater AP into its actual position with connecting the adaptor to power on or connected to a PoE switch.

     The path: Access point > Monitor > Access points.

    2. Fine-tune the deployment of root and repeater location. APs must be deployed in the signal covered area (recommended –70dBm or above) while uplink AP is within line-of-sight of repeater.


    For more detail information please refer to:



    In case the issue still happens, please enable customer’s Zyxel support by going to the left sidebar > Help > Support request > Invite Zyxel support as administrator, save the changes and provide the Org and Site name for us to check.

    Thank you.

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