New deployed nwa55axe shows ups as Wireless Bridge

in NCC, Access Points > Configure > AP & port settings as Wireless Bridge. Is this normal?  I just added it via the Nebula app and I just want it AP mode, I'm trying to bridge anything.

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    Hi @vining,


    We found the same the symptom as you shared, and it should be a display problem, so we’ll fix it and tell you when it is done. 

    Please refer to status of Wireless bridge at Access point > Monitor > Access point > AP information page > Status > Wireless bridge before we fix problem. 

    Please note that the status of Wireless bridge as Enable at Access Points > Configure > AP & port settings doesn’t affect to the AP mode and the AP still can broadcast SSID.


    Thank you for this input. 

  • vining
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    thanks, I had looked under monitor > AP > Status and there wireless bridge shows off so it made no sense.  As long as its just a gui bug and nothing functional I can live with it.