NAS326 Degraded Drive

My NAS326 had a fall so got an error message that Drive 1 degraded - I swapped Drive 1 out  for a new harddisk and thought it would then redo the Raid setup and copy Drive 0 onto the new Drive 1 and I could then replace the damaged Drive 0 with a new disc and everything fine again

I now get an error message saying Drive 0 degraded  - but the Storage Manager menu wont open to you can run the repair function.  A black box appears with the circle processing sign but nothing happens.

Any ideas on how to fix?

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  • Mijzelf
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    Are that the exact words? That is strange, as a disk cannot be degraded, only a raid array can.
  • philr123
    Hi yes - that was the message.

    I now have bought two new nas drives do I copy all data onto one of the new ones and then put that in the zyxel with the other empty one and that will then automatically backup and make a new raid array

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