NWA50AX - Does not broadcast "guest" network

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We are testing with an NWA50AX AP and we have 2 SSID networks, one guest and one normal one.

I can see/work with the normal SSID , but even when i select the "guest" network to broadcast, i cant see it on any of my mobile devices, its like its not broadcasting.

Any ideas on this?

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    Hi @CFlores  

    Please help us check if your NWA50AX’s firmware is updated to the latest version - V6.29(ABYW.1). You can see device’s current firmware at this direction: Site-wide > Configure > Firmware management, choose Devices tab. Also, you can choose ‘Upgrade now’ tab to upgrade device to the latest version.  

    Here is the FAQ of Firmware Management on Nebula https://community.zyxel.com/en/discussion/14582/nebula-new-firmware-management#latest, you can take a look at the FAQ to get to know more about functions as Firmware status, Firmware schedule,.. 

    As showed on V6.29(ABYW.1)’s Release Note: https://download.zyxel.com/NWA50AX/firmware/NWA50AX_6.29(ABYW.1)C0_2.pdf, Layer 2 isolation and NAT mode have been recently added to this version, so if your current version is older than V6.29 that doesn’t support NAT mode, then the SSID enabled NAT mode would be invisible. 

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  • CFlores
    Thank you very much, it was just like you said, it needed the latest firmware for the guest / nat loopback to function properly.


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