NR7101 in CPH/Denmark not performing

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I have updated my NR7101 to the lastest firmware as of today (V1.00(ABUV.7)C0. I have access to 5G on the network from 3. On my iPhone I get easily 600-800 mbits, but only 80 down and 60 up when using the sim in NR7101. 

I read somewhere that it’s because of the network not being fully 5G (NR-NSA with band LTE_BC3), but still it performs worse than my iPhone. 

I went and got the new 5G CPE Pro 3 from Huawei. It gets 450-500 mbits without any fuss. Same network provider. Not mouting of outside directional antenna etc.

Both test done using and using WiFi. 

Unless someone can explain to my why this is and what switch I need to throw, I cannot think of any reason why I shouldn’t give up on the NR7101 unit. 

NR7101 is €300 more expensive than 5G CPE Pro 3. 

Please advice 

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  • No comments at all? Am I the only one with bad performance?
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    Hejsan , Granne ;)

    Does not Denmark also going on N1 2100 MHz 5G and C-Band N78 3500 MHz ? Both band you dont have active in that band steering. I have "3" in Sweden. But have NR5103E.

    Doesnt "3" in Denmark push out the firmware for you and the router will update when you are not using it . Like under the night . Its no good idea to try to push other firmware in to theese routers. Like old days , do it manual.

    On our Phones its not options to band steering like router. Its making its own choices. And i also often get better results with my iPhone ;) But not so stable to internet sharing , like for gaming.Then the router is much better.

    "Disable UMTS" "Green button = ON" . Its means that router dont connect to 3G Technology.

    If you choose "Band Auto selection "ON/Green" Dont you get the best results then ? You can se on the WebGui Login ,thoose bands it will choose to connect to. And then do a "Speedtest " .

    Not sure what "Preferred Service domain , PS only"  means yet , and what more option you have there . But i think its no need to change it.

    It would be fun to see if you can have CA on 5G in Denmark . You are a big step ahead of us ... ;)

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    Hejsan Granne ;)

    Damn , my answer disappeared....Starting all over again then hehe :)

    Doesnt "3" in Denmark also use N1 2100 MHz and N78 C-Band 3500 Mhz , like in Sweden ?

    The option "Disable UMTS" , that is green is " ON" . Means that router dont connect to 3G.

    If you use " Band Auto Selection ",  Which band does it connect to then ? And what results do you get with a speedtest.

    Its would be fun to see if CA on 5G is working in Denmark for you.

    I have NR5103E here in Sweden.

    And Phones dont use any band steering like you can choose on the router. Its connection to the best at the moment . I also have iPhone and get good results. But not so stable with internet sharing to PC with gaming . Like a router.

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    Hello @thuusom

    The troubleshooting under for NR7101 and under F 2 Cellular Band configuration there might help you.

    The Zyxel advice there is to set Preferred Access Technology to Auto and and turn Band Auto Selection on.

    @SELBERG will probably disagree with this advice, but you might want to try it as it is what Zyxel suggests.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Kind regards,


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