Multy M1: wifi backhaul remains active with wired setup

I have 3pack M1s, setup in wired topology. In wifi analys app I notice that hidden Networks remain active as well.

I think this is unnecessary and creates unnecessary transmissions and draws unnecessary power.

Why is the wifi backhaul not suspended in wired config?

Can the wifi backhaul be stopped in some way?

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    Thank you for your valuable opinion.  

    Currently, there is no way to individually turn off the WiFi backhaul function on Multy M1. We appreciate your suggestion and will consider this feature in future products. 




  • Hello Kay,

    I would like to bump up this issue once again.

    I do see the same problem with my Multy M1 installation - after setting up the ethernet backhaul it works fine for some time, but with time the satellite unit does enable "hidden" wifi network automatically (and it remains active) - I guess for wifi backhaul. Please note that it does happen only on the satellite, main unit seems to have only one network active. At the same time main unit shows no wifi backhaul data in Mesh status page - as it would be disabled.

    It is a real problem, I guess for many customers, because it does hit the performance significantly!

    When a second hidden network is enabled, the real satellite wifi throughput is half of the possible speed. So I do have Mesh system with ethernet backhaul connected and ax wifi 6 support, expecting up to 1Gbps connection on 5Mhz wifi connection (real to me when correctly operating), whereas the client operates at max 500Mbps because of wifi backhaul being active. I have to restart the satellite to get it working correctly again, and then whole story repeats. Very disappointing.

    I would say that the manual option to disable wifi backhaul (in some advanced settings) to avoid this problem, is a must for the product intended to provide maximum declared performance in ethernet setup.

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    Hi @MarcinM

    While you have a wired connection between your M1 main and satellite units to build your WiFi system, the activation of the hidden Wi-Fi backhaul should not have an impact on device performance.

    There are several factors that could influence your throughput results, including network interference in your environment, the number of connected clients, their Wi-Fi capabilities, and other variables.

    To help us better understand your situation, we would appreciate it if you could provide more details about your setup and share the following information:

    1. What is the maximum download/upload throughput of your internet package?
    2. Please check for any 5GHz interference in your environment.
    3. Could you specify the Wi-Fi capabilities of your client devices and let us know how many client devices are connected to the satellite during your test?
    4. Can you describe your network topology in more detail?
    5. Could you explain the methodology of your test? If possible, please provide a video recording of your test setup.

    Thank you for your assistance.


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