NR5103 - firmware upgrade not working + option to dim or disable leds

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how to update to the last firmware ?

the option in Maintenance / Firmware upgrade won't work. I've got a Warning pop up with the message : It is impossible to retrieve the information now. Please try again 

And it appears that a patch is available for this model. V4.19(ABYC.3)C0

second question: 

could you provide an option to dim or shut down the led on the WPS button? it would be nice. on cheap tp-link models, you can schedule the led on the router to switch on or off on a timer. that would be nice too.


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    I expect the same problem, when I try to upgrade the firmware as aroom explained.

    Is it possible to download the newest firmware?

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    I have the same problem that I don't see anything in support of this product. After chat-bot timed out an inquiry with support I got this mail without anything:

    “Thank you for your interest in Zyxel SP solutions and products.
    Please find the download file you have requested as follows, and let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.

    Kind regards,
    Zyxel Communications”

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    I got in touch with our contries support for Zyxel product and he helped me as far as he was able (greatly appreciated, sour taste of support is left to comunity and local vendors. Where is Zyxel)

    Firmware can be found here

    Generally items for routers be found on (of course NR5103 has no FW)

    Example of NR5103:

    Any even halve outomated process (ex. mail notification about new fw) is in my opinion the minimum for any router (public facing device) to be considered acceptable. This is where ZYXEL NEEDS TO DO ANYTHING enduser-support related.

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    I haven't updated the firmware for a year.I haven't updated the firmware for a year.

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