NAT traversal design change notification

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Dear Nebula user,

We will change the design of the "NAT traversal" in Site-to-Site VPN page. 

It's highly recommended to change the setting from IP to AUTO, so that the VPN tunnel won't be disconnected by the change. 

The new design will be effective by:
2023-02-21 02:30 (UTC+0)

If there has any question, please contact @Zyxel_CSO.


  • techlogic
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    Where is this setting? I am unable to find the option for auto? if I go to site-to-site vpn settings there is no auto option. Or do I just turn on the Nebula vpn enable for this site?
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    Hi @techlogic,

    It is in the Site-to-Site VPN page, please reference the below screenshots.


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