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I have sold a few Zyxel devices. But now the new owner has problems to reset or reconnect them. The devices are or were registered in MyZyxel and in Nebula. Before I sold the devices I had done a reset. Unfortunately I forgot to remove them from Nebula and MyZyxel respectively. I wanted to make up for that now.

Here is what I have done so far:

- Removed the device from the page in Nebula.
- Deactivated the device from the organization

But still there should be a connection to Nebula.

But now the devices are still present in MyZyxel. Unfortunately I can't find a way to remove the device here. Could it be because it is still present in MyZyxel?

Now that the device is removed from Nebula, do I have to do a reset again?

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    Hi @Smashi,

    Thanks for asking.
    If your buyer is going to register the devices to Nebula, they could download the Nebula Mobile APP (IOS / Android) and scan the device's QR code to register it to his organization.

    If they just want to use it in standalone mode, could you help to provide the MAC address & Serial number of the devices via private message with me? I can help to un-register them from myZyxel.

    In addition, after the process, they also need to factory default the device before connecting to the internet.

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