I want to know why this functionality is so Confused ?

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I just wan to know that Can I  have any AP adjustments through the 'Zyxel dashboard' page because as it stands this dashboard page has no way of making adjustments to my NWA210AX? So how would I make adjustments after the one month of 'free' access expires on my Nebula firmware page?

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    Hi @Russelljacobson,


    Nebula Dashboard is the page to provides the at-a-glance views of site’s devices/ statistic number. In case you’d like to have some AP adjustment, please go to the menu item on the left sidebar.

    For AP configuration, you can refer to this FAQ

    Organization-wide > Configure > Firmware management is a feature of Nebula Pro Pack let the admin can monitor, upgrade and make schedule upgrade for all site in the Organization at the same time。

    After one month of free Nebula Pro Pack, you still can upgrade firmware for your device by going Site-wide > Configure > Firmware management.

    For Firmware upgrade, you can refer to this FAQ

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