Move harddisks from NSA325 to another NAS?


Hi, I have an old NSA325 that does not work any longer with WIN11, I can ping the NAS but the Windows explorer cannot connect. I've learned that it is an issue with SMB1, but my NSA325 does not support anything else. So I have to replace the old NAS with something new. What would you recommend?

And: is it possible to move the harddisks from NSA325 to the new system, whatever that will be? Or do I loose my data?

Thanks in advance for any information!

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  • cschiefner

    Hi Thilo,

    what you also could do is to “bury” this old sweet heart behind e.g. a Raspi as a SAMBA proxy for protocol conversion.

    That Raspi could then also be acting as a web proxy to the NAS' GUI as TLS versions of the NAS web server and used web client are becoming increasingly incompatible.

    If - besides the stated incompatibility - you are still happy with the device then this might be an alternative way forward.

    The caveat is that setting up all this is not at “beginner level” anymore.



  • Mijzelf
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    The disks of the NSA325 won't be accepted by any currently available consumer NAS. (Well, of course they'll accept the disk, but you'll have to reformat them)

    It is possible to install Samba 3.6 on the NSA325. More info here:

    To do so, first install MetaRepository ( and then Entware-ng.

  • mMontana
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    @ThiloK are your in a mirror/RAID1 configuration?

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