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Dear all -

a couple of days ago I have posted a request for help to this section of the forum. After two subsequent corrections of spelling mistakes this posting disappeared into moderation and has not yet surfaced again.

As I did not manage to find anyone who would possibly appear to be officially responsible for this forum, I would like to ask it here now: what ist the process for postings held in moderation?

Thanks a lot in advance - kind regards,


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  • suisei
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    Sometimes, when I attempt to publish an article and repeatedly click the "post the article" option, the article eventually appears after a few days.
    Maybe there are some content checking or some mechanism that may have automated check for spam, if triggers these checks, the symptom might probably happen.

  • cschiefner

    Hi suisei & all -

    hmm, whatever it is…

    It is at least slightly non-deterministic and so results in an unexpected user experience.



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