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Hello. Just yesterday I finally got my LTE7490 which I bought because it has the Cell Lock feature and it is absolutely marvellous! No more connecting to the cell which has data performance less than half of the other cells. Many thanks to who ever created this!

But I have a question. If I set up for example 3 cells, are they selected by the order they are typed in or is the cell selected by signal strength or how does it work? And if none of the cells are available (maybe the whole tower down for maintenance etc), what happens then? Is it smart enought to use anything available or will it just stay offline until one or more of the desired cells comes back?

Another thing. The CL is a great feature but who ever decided to not allow the WiFi to be used for connecting to the internet :-D That's almost hilarious :-)

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    I come out an idea to test it.

    First, you can use several combination of PCI and RFCN EX A , B , C (Check the WAN cellular info)

    For the first question, You can try cellular lock rule A →B →C and result might be lock A

    then change the order C→B→A to check whether it still lock A or lock C. Then we know it follow the order and the strongest signal.

    To test the second question, you can lock the non exist combination to see the result.

    In my experiment, if I lock the non-available cell, it can switch to auto and choose the most available cell.

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