How to create server wb to nas326(arm7-zyxel)

ora virtual host second site

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    You mean a webserver? While it's technically possible to let the firmware webserver (apache) host a virtual server as well, it's diffcult. The problem is that the webserver configuration is on a ramdisk, and changed on the fly by the firmware. Some time ago I have tried to create a ‘virtual server’ package, but I couldn't get it stable.

    The easiest way is to start a second http server on a different port, using a non-volatile configuration file, and let your router do port translation to serve on port 80 or 443.

    For webserver you can use the firmware one (copy the binary to a different spot, if you start the same binary with a different config, you'll find that the firmware will kill it if it changes something in it's web config) or one of the servers provided by Entware (Apache, lighttpd or nginx). Personally I'd not use the firmware one, because it's relatively old, and you can't add extra plugins.

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