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In the product description of the Zyxel 542, it mentions connectivity directly with HDMI (apparently to your smart tv).

There is no such port on the Zyxel, so I assumed it needed a USB to HDMI connection. I have connected to the usb the proper adapter and followed with an HDMI cable to the TV.

When I try to connect to the specific HDMI port from my TV menu, it doesnt seem to recognise it. It sees the port connected (even if the power cable of the NAS is disconnected), but will not progress to any type of successful connection with the actual NAS after I have powered it on.

I have tried connecting it to both USBs behind and the one one front, in the NAS device.

Has anyone achieved such a connection before? Am I doing something wrong? Or is it not capable of connecting it this way, and only through Ethernet cables & Switches?

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    Description was false-leading in our biggest search engine for products in eshops (in Greece), which I will mention to the web admins to correct.

    Thank you

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