need to change the IP address of a NAS326

In moving and getting a new ISP provider I need to change the IP address of my NAS326 formaly set to the IP mask of with a addrss of the new provider's router has a address of tried to change this many time with only greated with a error after entering the address information.

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    I think you can set the Na326 on the same subnet as your router. You can configure the NAS with the IP address, a subnet mask of, and set the gateway to

  • rbabler
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    Via instructions YES you are right “But have tried several times using the (startup Utility) and it fails to change the address!!” Looked at the setup optin but first step is it would wipe the drives HELL NO ON THAT . Am I going to put 2 different drives into the box run the setup Utl. to change the address then replace drives with my good ones? Is the address info stored on the drives or on a chip in the box???

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    The IP address and most of the other user settings are stored in a chip.

  • rbabler
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    As Spectrum shows no ption to change IP addressing guess my only fix is replacing the supplied modem/router with a aftermarket one that defaults to the net address. So have ordered one from Netgear.

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