LTE3316-M604 - Interface not responding / Reset not working

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Hello, I am using a LTE3316-M604 LTE router for ~6 months without any issues.

This morning internet connection was down and router showing a red link status.

Reboot of the device was bringing internet connection back and I can access the interface of the router, but I cannot select anything in the menu. Just not reacting.

I have tried to reset the device with a pin but there is no reaction on it.

Any suggestions?

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    When you reset to default, did you pin more than 5 seconds and see all the 6 light in the front is blinking?

    You mentioned that you can login to the WebGUI but not able to click anything?

    Did the machine update the connection information on the GUI?
    Or you can change another PC/laptop, clean the cache or use incognito window to try.

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