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Hi, I have one nr7101 and created an Nebula account. Can I do the same configurations from the Nebula account as when I am logged into the nr7101 through Sometimes I am remote and I would like to make the configurations from Nebula, such as to select "4g" or "5G".

Many thanks in advance,.

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    Hi there,

    In case, you’d like to remote and make the configurations from Nebula as when you are logged into the NR7101 through, please go to Nebula > Mobile router > Live tool > Remote configuration > click Establish

    And then use the IP address and port provided with the Nebula password to log into your router.

    For more information:

    The Nebula NR7101 is registered and managed by Nebula where you can monitor your network at any place, such as checking cellular signal quality, check connected client number, and other device information.

    In addition, devices will auto-upgrade it's firmware to the latest version when available (you can also schedule a time for device to upgrade firmware at Site-wide > Configure > Firmware management)

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