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I am trying to bring my old NAS326 back to life, but I can´t seem to remember my username. I have tried using the reset button to set a new password, but i cant´t log on with the username or email adress I am using to log on to the MyZyxel webpage.

Where can I find my username?

If there is no other way; can I reset the NAS and start over from scratch (loosing data is not a problem)? Or is it lost forever?



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  • okimarukas
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    The myzyxel.com account is distinct from https://mycloud.zyxel.com/.
    Following a reset (initiated by pressing the reset button and waiting for the beep sound), the login password will be reset to the default values of 'admin' for the account and '1234' for the password. You may login to the NAS using the admin account.

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    @slope 3

    Unfortunately, you won't be able to find your username for the NAS326. However, you can definitely reset the NAS to factory settings and start fresh! This will erase all data on the drives, so make sure that's okay before proceeding:

    • Locate the reset button on the back of your NAS326.
    • Hold the reset button for around five seconds, then release it. You should hear three quick beeps after releasing the button. This confirms a factory reset.
    • After the reset is complete, the NAS will reboot. Once it's back online, you'll be able to access it using the default username and password.

  • Mijzelf
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    This will erase all data on the drives

    @bret42 That is not true. A factory reset won't touch the disk(s) (with an exception of a few caches in the .system directory), but only erases the user config on an internal flash partition.

    If it's your intention to delete the data on the disks, you'll have to delete the volumes in the webinterface. And even that doesn't completely wipe the disk (that would take hours, you can wipe at +/- 100MB/sec, that is 3 hours for a TB), with a dedicated tool like TestDisk the data can still be restored. AFAIK the firmware has no way to actually erase the data. (Of course it can be done in an ssh shell, if needed).

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    It's a pity that the error occurred. We still don't know the exact reason, but your account has probably been placed on the restricted list. You can contact the administrator to find a solution.

    @ fish eat fish

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