Slow 5G speeds with NR 5101 Nebula

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Just like with below thread, Im experiencing slow speeds with the NR 5101 Nebula Edition.

Compared to my iPhone 13 (which is known for average antenna at best), im only getting around 100/100 on the Router (cable & wifi tested speeds) and my iPhone Cellular 5G gives me around 250-300/100 speed at the exact same spot.
Router is close to window and very close to 5G mast with no obsticals between mast and house, reporting excellent 5G signal.
Everything set to Auto from standard.

Can anyone comment and give some advide, I would be gratefull.

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    Hi @eBBox ,

    To clarify the speed issue, please help to:

    Confirm that the latest firmware as V1.15(ACCG.3)C0 was upgraded for your router and Preferred Access Technology is NR5G.

    After that, please use “Ookla SpeedTest”, choose same server test the speed.

    1. Mobile phone with SIM card > connect to Ookla SpeedTest > Test

    2. NR7101 with same SIM card > laptop Ethernet cable wired to the NR7101 (Ensure there is no other devices connected) then connect to the same Ookla SpeedTest server > Test

    3. NR7101 with same SIM card > laptop connect to NR7101’SSID (Ensure there is no other devices connected) then connect to the same Ookla SpeedTest server > Test

    If NR5101 still got the worse result than mobile phone, please provide the result screenshots, the band and bandwidth info of the mobile phone by following the steps in the attached PDF file’s page 2.

    By the way, please enable customer’s Zyxel support by going to the left sidebar > Help > Support request > Invite Zyxel support as administrator, save the changes for us to check.

    And provide the Org and Site name here or via private message by click to my account > Message. Thank you.

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