Multy M1 vs Multy Plus?


I was wondering if any of the zyxel techs could answer this question:

Is the Multy M1 less capable/powerful than the Multy Plus system in terms of being overpowered by other Wi-Fi networks?

I have the Multy Plus and am considering replacing it with the M1, but looking through the Multy M1 user guide under "Get to Know Your Multy WiFi System" the M1 seems to be significantly less featured in the comparison charts and this has me wondering which is better...? Thanks in advance

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    Multy M1 (WSM20), Multy Plus (WSQ60), Multy U (WSR30), and Multy X (WSQ50) are all independent systems, only the same models can connect. This means that Multy X can not be combined with a Multy M1, Multy U, and/or Multy Plus.

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    Hi, you aren't a zyxel tech, nor did you answer my question so please Do Not respond any further. Thanks.

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    Hello @MultyONR

    Thanks for your interested in our Multy products.

    Regarding compatibility when working with another router/modem, both the Multy Plus and Multy M1 can be used as a standalone Wi-Fi system or as an extension to an existing router/modem. However, to establish a Mesh network, please kindly note to use the same model of Multy device. A Multy M1 extender cannot be used to build a Mesh network with a Multy Plus router. 

    If you are considering replacing your Multy Plus with the Multy M1, it is important to consider your specific needs and your home/office structure. The Multy M1 may be a more affordable option for upgrading to WiFi 6, but it may not provide the same level of coverage as the Multy Plus due to differences in hardware specifications. 

    If you have any further question, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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