Cannot log into web UI for NWA210AX


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    Hi @SoonerDave and @tgl ,

    We have encountered the same symptom with other models, which is due to a lack of a file to check the Nebula status for the GUI login page. The solution is to reset the file and then reboot the AP.

    Regarding your case with the NWA210AX, we would like to request the device MAC address, series number, and diagnostic file to determine whether there is a similar issue as described above. Additionally, we are interested in accessing your NWA210AX and using debug mode to observe the access point's status.

    In case you'd like to get the correct login page that doesn't show the message as AP was controlled by Nebula when the AP is in the Standlone mode, please provide us with your TeamViewer/AnyDesk credentials to access the computer that is connected to your NWA210AX and let us know a convenient time for you if this is possible.

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