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How to configure the connection?

1 M1 connected to the router via cable, the other M1 wirelessly. Each M1 is on a different floor. The one that is wired to the router is on the third floor and then the satellites on the second and first floors. The satellite on the second floor works fine but on the first floor I have offline because I can't connect it to the satellite on the second floor it only connects to the main one on the third floor.

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    Hi @DRDY


    In this case, we suggest that you try moving the M1 Satellite on the first floor further away from the M1 Router to see if it can connect to the M1 Satellite on the second floor. The Multy M1 satellite will choose the device with the strongest signal to build a mesh, so optimizing the signal strength between the satellites is essential for optimal performance. 

    To better understand your satellite conditions, please provide us with a screenshot of your mesh information via private message. You can access this information by going to the Web configurator >> Mesh >> Mesh Information. We recommend aiming to make your satellite's backhaul signal reach the "Perfect" status for optimal performance. 




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