Power up VMG3625-T20A did not provide Internet access


Today powering up my VMG3625-T20A router did not provide Internet access. See attached system log extract lines 107-44. I then performed a Reboot from the Maintenance section and the Internet access was established. See system log extract lines 43-1 (ZyxelLog_10042023.pdf). The router was powered off in the afternoon of April 5th


Furthermore from time ro time, for instance after 3 or 4 weeks the router stops providing Internet access and I have to restart the router. I have a log from such an situation, but I am not able to interprete it and it is in Word format (ZyxelSystemLog_14032023.docx).

Happy if I get an answer what to do.


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    Maybe you can try to reset to the default settings and see if the problem resolved.

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