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From a web search I realise this is a common issue, but the solution only seems to be by private messages from Zyxel?

I have a unit that is displaying the dreaded SIM card not ready message.
I have already done a factory reset, and also a firmware update… all result in the same message.

It is an EE SIM, which I have also configured manually for APN etc.

I also have a Vodafone SIM which gives the same issue.

Any one able to help with this?


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    Is your LTE3302 able to detach the SIM card. Or it can't detach SIM card?
    If the machine is not able to detach the SIM card, you can put a tape in the back of the SIM card to increase the thickness of the SIM card.
    If it still not work, you might have to do the RMA.

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