[Nebula] How to optimize wireless performance with AP channel settings?

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In some environments, APs may set up with the same channel despite being near each other, which can cause interference and affect network performance due to co-channel interference. To improve the performance of the wireless network, it's essential to optimize the channel settings.


Go to Configure > Access points > Radio settings

1. Enable DCS setting

Reference: How to solve Co-channel Interference by DCS?

2. Disable Avoid 5G DFS channel and enable Blacklist DFS channels in the presence of radar

3. (Option) If you observe the channel utilization usually keeps high in radio 2.4GHz, change channel deployment to Four-Channel Deployment or All available channels to scatter the APs service in more different channels.


Default DCS setting will be scheduled at 03:00 A.M. Low service impact to wireless users when channel scanning/switching.

When DCS is set by schedule, scan is only done at the specific week day and time.

When DCS client aware is enabled, the channel will not be changed after DCS scan when there are clients connected on this radio.