NR5103 - External Antennas can be used with 4g or 5g?

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Hello i am new owner of the NR5103 i see there are 4 antenna slots on the back, at the moment in my area there is only 4G and i have 2 antennas a poynting xpol 1 4G (2x2) and a poynting xpol 2 5G (2x2) - is it possible to use these antennas on the 4g network without any problems?


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    If you already have the antenna, why dont you just try it ? (remember to switch the antenna to EXT.)What kind of problem do you concern?

    Or to be safy, you can just use internal antenna of the machine.

    poynting xpol 1 4G cover the frequency range for 790 - 960 MHz, 1.6dBi; 1710 - 2700 MHz, 4dBi
    poynting XPOL-2-5G cover the frequency range for 698 - 3800 MHz, 11dBi; 2x2 MIMO
    Both support the 4G network frequenct range.
    The only concern is whether ipex would match.

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