How long to expand to a bigger drive?


I have a NAS 320 which had 2 x 1g drives but was running out of room on raid 1 so I changed them to 2 x 2g drives.

All the data is fine and the raid is healthy but now I want to expand them up to their full capacity of 2g.

How long should that take as it sits on a slightly greyed-out screen with info scrolling up at the bottom of the screen but with no indication as to when it will finish or the percentage expanded so far?

Any advice would be welcome thanks.


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    Resizing a filesystem on this NAS consists of 4 stages:

    • Enlarge the partition
    • Enlarge the raid array.
    • Check the filesystem for errors, and repair them.
    • Enlarge the filesystem.

    The first two stages take a few seconds, the last takes a few minutes. But repairing filesytem errors can take a while, depending on the number and nature of the errors, and can be very verbose.

    Your description of what you see could be the output of the filesystem repair. If that is redirected to the webinterface, I wouldn't be surprised if that is what is taking that much time; intercepting the output of the tool, and sending it to the webinterface. When the tool outputs data faster than the webinterface pipe can handle is, the tool is throttled.

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    Hi Mijzelf,

    A further update:

    I had missed the OK box at the bottom pressing that solved the problem, thanks very much.


    Thank you for your information.8-))

    I am surprised that it needs repair but I suppose that is just windows for you.

    It is disconcerting to see the screen go grey without any indication as to how far it has gotten or how long it might take.

    I suppose I will just have to wait and see.


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