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When I initially set up my NAS326, I initiated a number of
volumes and gave them a name. Unfortunately I don't see them in the Home screen (web interface) and in explorer. I only see some default folders of Zyxel, such as
admin, music, photo and video. The volumes I created are nowhere to be
found and therefore not accessible to me. What, then, is the point of making

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    As far as I know the volume names are only used in the Shares menu and the 'App Center'. When creating a share or installing a package you can specify on which volume the share/package should be put.

    In the shares listing it is visible on which volume they reside. As far as I know you can't see in the webinterface where a specific package is installed.

    For those interested, the volume name is stored in a text file <mountpoint of volume>/.system/name_label

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