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Hi all,

I made a bit of a dumb mistake and saved a VLAN change before it was ready. The effect was putting my SSID's and my LAN groups into VLAN 1 before the WAN was setup to a VLAN.

So no WAN has no VLAN and the rest of my network is in VLAN 1. That means no internet for anything and no way to change the setting back.

Is there a way I can do this without having to reset the firewall?

Currently I am running a USG Flex 100, two GS1920v2-8HP switches and two NWA1123AC-V3 AP's all connected to Nebular for control.

Any help appreciated.

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    Hello @Radial,

    You can back up the site and switch setting on Nebula and restore it when needed by Backup & restore function. This function is at Organization-wide Manage > Configuration management and available for Nebula Pro Pack. 

    Another function is Auto configuration recovery at Configure > Switches > Switch settings. When it is enabled, the Switch will return to its last saved custom default configuration if there are any configuration caused Switch offline from Nebula.  

    By the way, we would need more specific information to better understand your issue. For example, which devices did you change VLAN and cause them offline from Nebula? Are you unable to access the Nebula Control Center even when connecting your PC directly to the firewall's LAN port? 

    If you want to create multiple SSIDs with different VLANs, please note that these VLANs must also be configured on your switch and firewall.  

    In case you are not familiar with the VLAN concept on Nebula, please refer to the following resources:

    If you encounter any issues, please share your scenario and requirements so that we can provide step-by-step configuration suitable for your topology. Or you can enable Zyxel Technical Support for us to diagnose and resolve issues. 

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