Connect NR7103 with EX3301.

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Which settings do I have to manage?

If i got it right the NR7103 has to be in IP pass through mode. Other settings?

Should i inactivate DHCP on NR 7103?

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  • Bob_C
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    Hi Ake,

    The necessary settings depend on the goal you want to achieve.

    If you want the EX3301 getting an IP address assigned directly from the service provider, e.g. if the service provider assigns a public IP address to the NR7103, and you want the public IP address to be used by the EX3301, then you need to configure the NR7103 to IP passthrough mode.

    And if you configure it to IP passthrough mode, you don't have to deactivate DHCP server on the NR7103.



  • Ake
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    Tanx Bob,

    So the dhcp in 7130 will not mess up dhcp in 3301? They can both be with default settings....192.168

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