NAS326 Is it normal for the disk1 LED to blink every +-4 seconds?


I just have one disk installed, WD Red Plus, just added a file to test it, no app installed, and the disk1 Led light blinks every +- 4seconds, at night this behavior becomes noisy each time it blinks it seems the disk makes a noise like accessing it.

Does someone knows if this is normal?

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    No, that is not normal. I don't know about the LED, but the "disk makes a noise like accessing it" should not happen. The disks are supposed to be able to sleep, when the NAS is idle.

    I vaguely remember that the LED's on the 5xx blinked slowly when the disks were asleep, but in that case the box was silent.

    Have a look in the status screen if some process is active, when the box should be idle.

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