NR5103E WPA key issue

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Firmware V1.00(ACBJ.0)b12

I'm trying to setup my NR5103E WiFi network. I have an existing WPA key that I wish to use and it already entered in multiple devices. Some of these don't support special characters however the web UI interface blocks entries that don't conform to a Zyxel-defined spec (despite the default random password itself that comes with the router and it generated if you select 'random password' not conforming with that same spec!!).

I have found that if I split 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks I can manually change the 5GHz password via SSH, however always get an error when trying to change 2.4GHz (see screenshot below - top two lines also show me building the command with the ? function and it being valid). I also noted an interesting bug in that even the UI itself doesn't seem to properly check passwords (see screenshot below where a compliant password isn't accepted).

So I guess 2 questions - (1) can you please adjust the firmware to allow customers to set their own passwords (after getting them to agree to a disclaimer if necessary!) without having to conform to the mandatory special character + number + uppercase + lowercase rule and (2) in the short term can someone explain why the 2.4GHz SSH command isn't working when the near-identical 5GHz one works?

Thanks 😀

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  • @zyxel - any update on this? I have the same model and firmware and have the same broken javascript password strength checker stopping any changes to the password.

  • tumble weeds from zyxel…

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