Unable to get Multy M1 to get IP via DHCP from ISP


Just got a Multy M1 3 node system that I was hoping to use. But unfortunately it is totally impossible to get the M1 to get DHCP IP from my ISP. If I connect it to my old TP-Link router I am about to replace, the installation proceeds. And I managed to update the firmware on the M1. But as soon as I move the ISP cable to the M1 it refuses to get IP. I am configuring the Multy from a pc connected by cable. I have also tried another node from the 3 M1s set that was in the package but it has the same issue. Is there a way around this or shuld I return the kit to the reseller? I have also checked with my ISP if the have any MAC locks that needs to time out, and they don´t.

So please advice


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    Does your ISP require a VLAN tag for requesting an IP address?

    If not, how can you determine if the Multy M1 is unable to obtain DHCP from the ISP?

    Typically, you would need to check the IP address either on the Multy web GUI or the Multy app. Additionally, to rule out any potential MAC address lock, you can try setting the MAC address of your TP-Link router on the Multy M1 and see if it successfully establishes a connection.

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