PLA6456 - Connected but no traffic flowing

I have two PLA6456 Adapters - one in an office in the basement (local) and one on the 2nd Floor with a NWA110AX connected to it (remote). On 5/16 traffic stopped flowing between the two PLA6456 Adapters. I rebooted the local PLA6456 from its web interface and traffic started flowing again. I upgraded the firmware on both to the latest version. The same thing happened again this morning.

When this issue occurs I can connect to the web interface of the local PLA6456 and it shows it is connected to the remote. However, I cannot ping the remote or the NWA110AX connected to it. Rebooting the local PLA immediately fixes the problem.

Attached is screenshot of the local showing it connected to the remote during the time no traffic was flowing. The second screenshot shows the firmware installed on the PLAs.

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