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I have 2 pairs of Multy M1's and have pretty much given up on them as a Mesh system, the way my property laid out makes them impractical because of the lack of bandwidth control.

I would like to, if possible recycle them as Bridged mode AP's at different locations in the property. They seem to be unable to operate as WPS Clients and I am unwilling to give up guest network bandwidth control

Being an It professional, I have set 2 of them up, I haven't gotten to the third one
- as bridge mode,
-assigned them proper Static IP's,
-connected them to the main router (A Zyxel DX3301-T0) via the WAN port on the Multy's
-Disabled "WPS" on the Multy control panel under "mesh"
-Both Firmware's are up-to-date
-Have factory reset them multiple times and retried the below

The problem is as follows:
If there is one of them working, it works flawlessly.
but the moment I plug a second one in via the main switch behind the router. The Green light starts blinking and both wireless networks disappear.

The control panel is pretty basic and I doubt there is a setting I have missed, my feeling is they are somehow trying to setup a mesh without my say so…

If that is the case is there any way to use them as dumb AP's no mesh, nothing, maybe something I have missed?

Else, they are about to be recycled, again, as doorstops or bookends…

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    Hi @LambChop

    To fulfill your requirements, you can configure the two Multy M1 devices as independent routers. This involves setting up each Multy device on a separate site on the Multy APP and disabling the WPS button using web GUI. Additionally, both Multy devices should be switched to Bridge mode.

    You can complete one of the Multy device installations and then start the installation on the second Multy device.

    If you have any further questions , please let us know.

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