NR5103E and external antennas

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Hi, does anyone know how the 4 external antenna connectors work exactly?

No precise info on the manuals, lots of questioning in the forums... is there any way to have an official statement on the role of the 4 connectors? In particular, having an existing pole mounted 2x2 MIMO LTE/5G panel, what is the best way to connect it to the 4 ports?

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  • up! nobody knows?

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    Hi @lucapagliuca ,

    Please check inbox message, thank you !

  • Hello there,

    just to inform you that based on some tests done with my existing antenna (2×2 MIMO 700-3800 mhz with 2 plugs) where I tried all the possible combinations: only connecting ports 1 and 3 results in good LTE+NR throughput (1 being the top connector). The modem shows that UL and DL CA are working. All other combinations end up in very bad results... I definitely need an explanation on the reasons behind this weird behavior.

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    No official response? is the million dollar question of 2023/2024 hahahaha Is it possible to have a definitive answer or do you have to watch all the videos of the Thilanders who dismantled it piece by piece? Which pigtails are related to 4g and which are related to 5g??? After all the tests I do, it will happen that the router is destroyed. please


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