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I received an e-mail from "Zyxel Cloud"

Did you send this mail:

Dear ,

The latest update time is 2023-04-07 16:55:31 +0000. Your equipment needs report online at least in 60 days. The DDNS sever name wouldn’t be remove from our system.
If you still need to use “” and didn’t want this sever name be removed out from our system, please connect your ZyXEL equipment to internet.
if you do not using “” this sever name anymore, please ignore this message, your sever name will remove out from our system in 30days.

Best Regards,
myZyXELcloud Administrator
ZyXEL Communications Corp.

I had problems with hacking so now I have fear…

Thhank you.

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    Hi @danko

    The message might info to you that the NAS has been disconnected to the zyxel Pcloud server.
    Please make sure your device could sync to the zyxel Pcloud server.

    1. Make sure is there any disk in the NAS, as we put the disk into NAS and create the volume, system will auto install the"myZyXELcloud-Agent" package, if the internet is able to access NAS, it will sync to the server.
    2. Confirm whether it has successfully installed the "" package.

    The installation process may fail. You can remove it and reinstall it for insurance.   

    You can confirm whether it is installed on the APP center..

    After check 1.2 steps, if there is no problem with it, then we need to check the connection status between NAS and "" server

    SSH into NAS and then type the following command to check the status.

    If everything works expectedly, the log will print like as below

    # nslookup
    Server: 192.168.XX.1
    Address 1: 192.168.XX.1 XXXXXXXXXX.local

    Address 1:
    Address 2:
    Address 3:

    4.If steps 1. 2. 3. are confirmed to be no problem, then check the client log for further clarification
    Check whether there is a log of pair success or failure./i-data/sysvol/.PKG/myZyXELcloud-Agent/log/cloudagent.log  -------newest log,/i-data/sysvol/.PKG/myZyXELcloud-Agent/log/cloudagent.log.1 ------oldest.log

    cat  /i-data/sysvol/.PKG/myZyXELcloud-Agent/log/cloudagent.logORtail /i-data/sysvol/.PKG/myZyXELcloud-Agent/log/cloudagent.log

    tail -n 100 /i-data/sysvol/.PKG/myZyXELcloud-Agent/log/cloudagent.log

    4.1.If the device is successfully reported online, you can see the following log,"RESTFUL: device register success, and http code is 200" will appear first,

    Then "connect to XMPP server successfully!" appears.

    EX:[20XX/XX/15-14:31:23] RESTFUL: device register success, and http code is  200

    [20XX/XX/15-14:31:28] connect to XMPP server successfully!
    4.2.If the device cannot be sync to the server, it will retry until it succeeds.

    EX:[20XX/XX/07-10:13:49] get xmpp login data failed. wait for retrying...600000 ms

    [20XX/XX/07-10:23:50] agent reconnect: restful failed

    [20XX/XX/07-10:23:50] get xmpp login data failed. wait for retrying...600000 ms

    [20XX/XX/07-10:33:50] agent reconnect: restful failed

    [20XX/XX/07-10:33:51] get xmpp login data failed. wait for retrying...600000 ms

    [20XX/XX/07-10:43:51] agent reconnect: restful failed
    If device still cannot sync to the sever, please help to collect the cloudagent.log and send the log back in PM.

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