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I started using my new network today, using 6 pcs of Multy M1. It seemed ok in the beginning, but now some of the units are having problem to connect, or they are simply being kicked out.
Of course the WAF is now rock bottom. My wife just lost connection during a live stream, which was not very popular.

Could it be because I have to many units? I have about 100, but they dont generate much trafic. Most of them are lightbulbs/weatherstations/sensors.
My internet line i 1000 Gbit, but I am only using 2% when the problem occurs.

Do you have a good way to solve this? Or must I just accept that I have bought a bad product?

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  • Tor_D
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    Update/more information:
    During the last hour I have tried to keep an eye on whats going on, and I have checked the different logs from my smarthouse. It seem like all of my units are randomly kicked out for a few minutes. Only the last hour there are about 40 ligtbulbs, 2 cameras, 1 cellphone, 2 Google nest hub, 1 Apple TV and 1 Netatmo weatherstation that has been disconnected, and connected again a few minutes later.

    The units that is disconnected was connected to all the different mesh-routers. Some by cable, but most by wifi.
    I hope you have a solution, because I can't use it like this.

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    Hello @Tor_D

    We’re sorry to hear about your network issues with the Multy M1 units.

    To better assist you, please kindly provide more details about your setup. Specifically, are you using Ethernet or Wireless connection between the Multy M1 Router and Satellites? Is your setup comprised of one Multy M1 Router along with five Multy M1 Satellites in one site, or is there a different configuration?

    For wireless connection, we usually recommend fewer than 4 nodes, including the router, to avoid throughput reduction. If possible, you might consider creating two different sites and deploying 3 units of Multy M1s at each site, with each site having one Router and two Satellites.

    Additionally, please note that even though your devices (lightbulbs, weather stations, sensors) don't generate much traffic individually, having around 100 devices connected to the network can still cause congestion, especially if they're all trying to connect at the same time.

    Zyxel Nami

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