External device controlled through Zyxel LTE7480-M804

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Hei! I need to control remotely a measurement device connected to Zyxel LTE7480-M804 LTE modem. I already have a fixed IP address connection for the modem from my ISP but have been unable to create a connection through the modem to the device. Even the professionals at ISP support couldn't get it working.

So how should I adjust the modem settings to make it work? Attached pdf shows the setup at the remote site. The measurement device is some 10-15 years old and so maybe does not have some newer TCP/IP features. Thank you for you help!

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    I think you can check the connection step by step.

    1. Is LTE7480-M804 able to connect to the internet ?
    2. If LTE7480-M804 in routing mode?
    3. Is your laptop able to connect to the internet through LTE7480?
    4. Can you measurement device ping
    5. Is you measurement device able to use trace route to

    Knowing the above answer, we can continue the examination.

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