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After a reset (1 beep), I tried to change admin password 1234 in to mine's however its is not accepted. Does someone have a solution….

regards from the Netherlands

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  • ikubuf
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    It required to use 8 characters on the password

  • JustMe
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    I triest to dhange the basic password of the admin "1234" in to mine. This is not accepted

  • nasuser
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    I set mine up today and was having the same issue.

    I started on my android phone because it was handy, and then I tried my Mac, and couldn't even load the finder site in Google Chrome despite being on the same network. I was finally able to complete this step on my Windows PC in Chrome, but only after I let my password manager generate a password and overwrite the one I had already generated and saved. There seems to be something up with that popup regarding accepting copy-pasted input.

  • JustMe
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    Indeed, problem with copy-paste, but also with a self made 12 caracter password.

    password created by Chrome was accepted

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