ZYWALL 110 LIC-IDP? How to buy? Or put it on a trashbin?

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Hello every, how i can get a license IDP? Or it is impossible today and ZYWALL 110 an oldfag? And i can only put in on the trash?

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    Normally, licenses are sold from the local dealer selling ZyXEL products. If you do not have any local dealer in your country selling ZyXEL hardware and software, wait for a reply from someone who knows if this license is available world-wide.

    Regarding the age of ZyWALL 110, it depends on your needs and current use. It can still be useful to some individual private users, but maybe not so much in a professional setting. (A ZyXEL technician should confirm or disapprove my statement.)

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    Dear @DmitryYudin,

    Good day!

    I regret to inform you that the IDP is unavailable. And the IDP will only provide the signature update until the end of 2022. The IDP does not update the signature since 2023.

    If you have the requirements for IDP, you can consider upgrading your device to the "ATP" or "USG FLEX" series. Those series have IDP (IPS) and provide comprehensive protection for your network. You can click the link below for more information about the device upgrade:

    The ZyWall 110 can enjoy the security service of the 3-in-1 Security Pack, the pack is available on the Marketplace!



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