How to add city to SSL certification request?

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Is there any way to add city information in Zyxel NR7101 when creating SSL certification request because some Dynamic IP hosts requires that information when trying to create SSL certificate?

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    Hi @HQWR ,

    From my experience, NR7101 has only the State/Province Name, no City informtion to added.

    thank you !

  • HQWR
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    Hi Friday!

    Yes, I see there is no field for the city but e.g. No-Ip demands city information when try to do SLL certification.

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    Hello @HQWR

    Welcome to the forum.

    I guess that it depends on what information the Certificate Authority requires before they will generate a certificate. is what DigiCert say, where they say that the location can be finalised after the Certificate Signing Request has been generated. says that for DigiCert's International customers they require either a City/Locality or a State/Province field.

    You might want to try getting a certificate from DigiCert as they are a big provider of certificates…

    If I click the link to the certificate provider's knowledge base on the following no-ip webpage it goes the the DigiCert CSR creation page linked above. :-)

    Kind regards,


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