Zyxel WX3100-T0 AX1800 Mesh - Backhaul - low transfer

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Hello, I bought 2x Zyxel WX3100-T0 AX1800 to create Backhaul Wi-Fi mesh network. I have a ZTE F660 router with GPON to fiber net (400/40 mbit/s) from my internet operator. ZTE should work as a client (I turned the wi-fi off in this device). 1 Zyxel WX3100 is connected by ethernet cable to ZTE and the 2nd Zyxel WX3100 is connected by ethernet to 1st Zyxel.

I dont know if this repeaters support the backhaul connection but I suppose yes. The issue is that after the configuration wi-fi internet working but with very low transfers rate and with big lags when i'm loading the websites (checked in many devices even near the Zyxels repeaters in both floors).

Previously I had just the ZTE F660 in 1st floor and and the Asus router set as AP in ground floor and the transfer was better then now (they support just the n standard) the idea was to set the AX wi-fi mesh network to improve the wi-fi speed.

What I can do to check if everythink I've set ok and what I can improve?

Thank you for your support!

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    I suggest that you can check the client's link rate first. If the link rate is high, maybe you can ask your retailer or ISP to check that the firmware version is the latest one.

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