NAS326 Servers go offline sporadically - one at a time.


Our company has four (4) NAS326 servers. They are labeled “Primary,” “Backup-1,” “Backup-2,” and “Backup-3.” All 4 servers have static IP addresses. They are,,, and During the day, all of our work is written to the “Primary” NAS. Then at night, I use Scheduled Tasks on a Windows-10 PC to start a batch file that copies everything on to each one of the other drives, one by one. This has worked flawlessly for years. But over the past several months I have noticed that a drive might go offline. By that, I mean that I can no longer see it, log into it, or even ping it. I can’t even power it down by pressing the power button for 5-6 seconds like I might if there was no problem. I am forced to physically pull the power plug and then reinsert it after a few seconds. After I do that, it returns to its normal state. This problem seems to bounce from one NAS to another with no rhyme or reason. My first thought was that there might be a network numbering conflict with DHCP colliding with my Static assignments but after running Newton diagnostics, I ruled that out. I called ZyXEL Support but get this … they wanted me to send them my servers (complete with disc drives), for evaluation. Obviously, that’s not going to happen. I’m at a loss and so I’m reaching out for some “quality” help from an expert. Any ideas?

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