[Nebula] Troubleshooting Guide for SSID Not Broadcasting Issue on Access Points

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SSID is the name of a WiFi network that helps users identify and connect their devices to a specific network. When a WiFi network is broadcasting its SSID, devices can detect and display the network's SSID among the list of available networks. However, there can be situations where the SSID is not broadcasted, which means the network name does not show up in the list of available networks. While this might be a deliberate action for network security reasons, it can also be an unintentional issue due to a variety of factors. This FAQ is designed to provide you with some guidance and solutions to troubleshoot the problem if you encounter this issue.

Check whether AP in the site

It is possible that you have created a site but not added the Access Point (AP) to the site, the AP might only be added to License & Inventory for example.

Solution: Follow the instructions in this article to know how to register Access Points into Nebula

Verify that the SSID is Enabled

Navigate to: Configure > Access points > SSID settings

You may have created the SSID but not enabled it.

Solution: Activate the Enable toggle and click Save.

Ensure the APs have received configurations from NCC

Navigate to: Devices > Access Points

Even if you have the correct SSID configuration, the AP status may still display as “Not up to date”.

Solution: Wait a while for the AP to receive the configurations from NCC. Once the configuration is applied, the AP status will update to “Up to date”.

Check whether SSID tag is assigned

Verify whether you have assigned any tags to the SSID. ****If tags are assigned, the SSID will only be broadcasted when there is at least one AP with the same tag as the SSID's.

Navigate to: Configure > Access Points > SSID settings

Navigate to: Devices > Access Points

Solution: Remove any tags on SSID and AP or ensure the tags match between AP and SSID.

Check whether SSID Schedule is enabled

The SSID will only be broadcasted during the scheduled time. For example, with the given SSID schedule, the SSID will not be broadcast on Monday from 00:00 to 08:00 and 18:00 to 24:00, and all day on Saturday and Sunday.

Navigate to: Configure > Access points > SSID advanced settings

Solution: Disable the schedule or adjust the SSID available time.

Confirm if SSID is hidden

If the "Hide this SSID" option is selected, you can still connect to the SSID, but it will not be visible in the list of available networks.

Navigate to: Configure > Access Points > SSID advanced settings

Solution: Select Broadcast this SSID, click Save.

If you wish to keep the "Hide this SSID" option, choose "Other Network" on your client SSID list and input the SSID name and security info.

Check if any unsupported features are being applied to the SSID

When any unsupported features are being applied to the SSID, it will be not broadcasted.

Solution: Refer to the device function table available at this link and uncheck the supported features on the SSID. Typically, the following unsupported features may cause issues:

  • WPA Enterprise / Captive Portal was applied for SB models (NWA50AX/ NWA5AXE/ NWA50AX PRO)
  • NAT mode/ Layer 2 Isolation features were applied for SB models (NWA50AX/ NWA5AXE) when the APs have not upgraded to the 6.29P1 or above - the FW version support these two feature for SB models. So please upgrade to the 6.29P1 version or above to solve the issue.

Check AP connect to the unsuitable power

Wi-Fi networks on the WAX650S, NWA220AX-6E, and WAX620D-6E are turned off automatically when it is connected to a device that supplies power using IEEE 802.3af PoE.

For the appropriate power type for your AP, check the device's label sticker or the datasheet in the Download library.

Verify that the local SSID is Enabled on Remote AP

One common reason for the local SSID not broadcasting on a Remote AP site (physical site) is no add the local SSID or forget to enable the Local SSID in the Nebula Remote AP configuration.

The path: Devices > Access points > Select AP > click AP Role

Here's a FAQ of how the Remote AP works and how to ensure your SSID broadcasts correctly.

This guide has provided key steps to troubleshoot and resolve the SSID non-broadcasting issue. Regular maintenance and firmware updates are crucial for optimal device connection, performance and security.

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