LTE7490 primary band selection

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my nearest eNB (base station) uses bands 1,3,7,20 and when I download something 4CA is being used for up to 30MB/s speed. However when the data load is lower, CA is no longer used and the primary band is randomly selected (usually 3 or 7).

My eNB doesn't support upload CA so the randomly selected primary band dictates upload speed.

Therefore I'd like the primary band to be always B1, which gives 6MB/s upload speed.

Could you add a setting to the firmware where you can choose the primary band that is being used when CA is not active? E.g. when manually selecting the bands under Network Setting → Broadband → Cellular Band → Band Management or under Cellular Lock(LTE).

Or can this be done with telnet?

Thank you!

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    Lock only B1.

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