How to create the Guest Ambassador account?

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Site – Guest Ambassador - a special administrator type that focuses on creating or approving Wi-Fi vouchers or captive portal user accounts. Guest ambassadors can authorize or not authorize each captive portal accounts but only for their respective sites.
Because guest ambassador is a site level administrator type, they do not have the authority to unregister devices from the Nebula organization.


A hotel would like to deploy a solution that allows the hotel guests to have Wi-Fi access. However, the hotel does not have a local IT on standby that can manage the guest accounts.

For the sake of efficiency, the hotel manager has decided to give the responsibility to manage guest accounts on to the hotel receptionists. The Nebula account ( may only create and hand-out Wi-Fi voucher codes with time-based Wi-Fi access. However, the actual management of Nebula devices must still be left to the System Integrator (SI) in cases of emergencies.


Sign-in Nebula with OWNER account > Administrators, click + Add button.

Enter name, email and privilege of guest ambassador, click Create admin button

Click Save button


By assigning the responsibility of managing guest accounts to the hotel receptionists, the process becomes more efficient. There is no need to rely on local IT support, streamlining the workflow and reducing potential delays in providing Wi-Fi access to guests.

NOTE: Guest Ambassadors may only access the Voucher and Cloud Authentication page.

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