How to implement application-based bandwidth limits for wireless clients?

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The bandwidth limiting feature, part of the security service with a CNP+ license, allows you to manage network efficiency by setting data rate limits for specific services on Access Points (APs). This prevents any single application from consuming all available bandwidth, preserving bandwidth for higher priority tasks or applications.

Here's how to configure the bandwidth limit:

Navigate to Configure > Access point > Security service, and enable Application visibility & Optimization

Click View Application and configure Bandwidth limit here

A list of applications will be displayed by category. Click the Limit icon for the application you want to limit.

Set the rate by entering the desired value and click OK.

Click Save

Note: Please note that the configured rate applies to each wireless station. For instance, if you set a bandwidth limit of 5Mbps for gaming, each connected device will have a maximum rate of 5Mbps when using gaming applications.

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